Pineapple plant

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Pineapple plant

Ideal for any occasion, this unique and funky pineapple plant in a beautiful decorative pot is sure to impress any recipient. If you want to send a truly unique gift, you can't go wrong with this delightful pineapple plant., Its exotic leaves are striking and stay evergreen no matter the season! Not forgetting the pineapple proudly sat in the middle of the plant. 


Did you know...... pineapple plants naturally improve air quality and breathing helping those that snore or those with sleep apnea, this special plant releases an enzyme which helps to keep airways open which results in helping those loud snorers keep their sounds to a minimum! Ideal to keep in living rooms or bedrooms.


Care guide:

Place you plant in full sun, away from heating and draughts, can be put outside in warmer months but keep inside during colder months.

Ensure soil is moist but well drained.


Pot design and colour may vary





Price: £22.99